ODE II - Work Package 6: Schowcase transparency and democracy

For the ODE II (Dutch) project, an analysis is made of written questions of the Amsterdam municipality (Dutch). By this analysis, we hope to show the value of open data in the context of transparency and democracy. Additionally, to further exemplify the use of open data, the Dutch Parliamentary Proceedings are analysed as well. For an overview of developed applications and analysis, see the overview M3

We do this by creating an automated textual interpretation of the data. Each document is summarised by its most relevant terms and detection of named entities therein.

A blog on specific topics of interest can be found at http://politicalmashup.nl/category/ode/.

A presentation (Dutch) for the Registry of the Amsterdam City Council gives an overview of the work done within this Work Package.


Three deliverable milestones are defined, each detailing part of the analysis.

Data / Analysis Access

The presentation of the data and analysis is built on eXist, an XML database. It is both available running online, and as apps to download and install locally.

Work Package 5: Tourism / Recommender

Some additional work has been done on a recommender for Amsterdam Venues.