ODE II - eXist 2 app - Amsterdam Municipality Data

Data application to accompany the ODE II Werkpakket 6 deliverable. A description and overview can be found at ODE - 5-star

Gzipped xml files of each individual document are also available.

A Relax NG schema for the data, embedded in Political Mashup schemata, is given as genericX.rnc/genericX.html.

A running instance of the application is found at http://ode.politicalmashup.nl/ode2data/.

eXist 2 app

This data application is intended for use in combination with the Political Mashup index and search applications. It will add data from the Amsterdam Municipality meetings, annotated with FoLiA extensions, entity links and document summaries.

The required Political Mashup package is pm-modules. Suggested packages are pm-resolver for viewing the data, and pm-backend for search and export examples.


Software requirements include only an installation of eXist 2.x and a recent java version, and should be platform independent. The most recent version of eXist can be downloaded from exist-db.org. This application was developed and tested against eXist-db-setup-2.1-rev18721.jar

Installation plus indexing of the data will take several minutes on a modern work station. After initial installation, the database will use approximately 1.5GB RAM and 2GB hdd. If you are only interested in the data xml files and do not want to use eXist, the installation file ode2data-0.1.5.xar can simply be unpacked using an unzip utility (rename to ode2data.zip if necessary for you OS to recognize this).

After running the provided example queries, memory use increases to 1.8GB. After restart the memory footprint is much lower, but expect it to rise again after continued use.


First follow the installation instructions for the eXist 2 database. For installation on headless servers without a GUI, use the advanced installation. Make sure to set the available memory high enough during installation.

Provided apps (install in this order):

  1. pm-modules-0.4.1.xar
  2. pm-resolver-0.2.4.xar
  3. pm-backend-0.2.4.xar
  4. ode2data-0.1.5.xar

After installing the database, install the Political Mashup and ode2data applications. Note that storing and indexing all the data can take some time.

  1. Go to http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/dashboard/index.html
  2. Log in as admin (top left)
  3. In the dashboard, choose "Package Manager"
  4. In the pop-up, choose the cylinder icon with blue + (top left)
  5. In the new pop-up, click "upload"
  6. Browse to/select pm-modules-0.4.1.xar
  7. Wait for uploading, unpacking (and indexing) to finish
  8. Repeat 4-7 for the other three packages.
  9. Close the Package Manager and choose the "ODE-II Data" app icon for examples.