ODE II - Work Package 5: Recommender Specification

For the Tourism work package, the UvA will set up a recommender system. The system accepts data provided by Amsterdam Marketing, and provides venue recommendations to an external application. This document specifies the API to use the recommender.

N.B. Without data from Amsterdam Marketing, there will be no functioning system. The deadlines proposed were:

It is since been determined that real data will stay closed, but sample data generated based on known relations serve as a good substitute.

The code for the recommender can be downloaded at https://github.com/nusselder/oderecommender.

The base URI for the recommender system is http://oderec.politicalmashup.nl/.


The system will accept and provide JSON through a REST interface.

  1. Amsterdam Marketing supplies user-venue-time data to Economic Board.
  2. Economic Board processes the data into (user_id, place_id, timestamp) triples with known place_ids.
  3. UvA posts triples as JSON to http://oderec.politicalmashup.nl/train/.
  4. UvA updates the recommendation engine.
  5. 2coolmonkeys/VU requests a recommendation at http://oderec.politicalmashup.nl/recommend/.
  6. UvA supplies in JSON a top X ranked list of place_ids.


Usage is now described in the README.md in the repository.

Feed Training Data

See https://github.com/nusselder/oderecommender#feed-training-data

Request Recommendation

See https://github.com/nusselder/oderecommender#request-recommendation

Example query+output

See https://github.com/nusselder/oderecommender#example-queryoutput